Общи условия за ползване на онлайн магазин „jk-crafts.com“

Настоящият документ съдържа Общите условия за използване на предоставените от „Аливита“ ЕООД услуги на потребителите в он-лайн магазина „jk-crafts.com“ и урежда отношенията между “Аливита” ЕООД и потребителите.

При изпращане на поръчка се счита, че потребителят е запознат и съгласен с общите условия за ползване на on-line магазин „jk-crafts.com”. В общите условия са описани всички въпроси, късаещи дейността на on-line магазин „jk-crafts.com”.

  1. Част първа от настоящите условия се отнася до всеки регистрирал се и ползващ услугите, предоставени от „Аливита“ ЕООД сайта „jk-crafts.com”.
  2. Част втора се отнася до потребителите, които желаят „Аливита“ ЕООД да изработи по техен проект артикул.
  3. Част трета се отнася до Личните данни, Бисквитки и Политика за поверителност на „Аливита“ ЕООД

ЧАСТ ПЪРВА – Общи условия за потребителите

  1. Чрез регистрацията в on-line магазин „jk-crafts.com”, потребителите се съгласяват с изложените по-долу общи условия за предоставените услуги от фирма „Аливита“ ЕООД.
  2. Приемайки общите условия, потребителите, които са регистрирали потребителско име и парола, изрично се съгласяват предоставените от тях Лични данни (включително избраните потребителско име и парола) да бъдат обработвани от „jk-crafts.com” и техните сътрудници, включително куриерски компании, по електронен път при доставка на поръчани стоки или услуги.
  3. „Аливита“ ЕООД не носи отговорност за картинки или снимки, както и всички други обекти в сайта, попадащи под защитата на патентното и авторското право, предоставени от потребителите на интернет страницата /сайта/ “jk-crafts.com„. Умоляваме носителите на права, касаещи материали, предоставени от нашите потребители, да ни уведомят своевременно за това, като представят необходимите доказателства, след което тези материали ще бъдат премахнати от интернет страницата /сайта/.
  4. „Аливита“ ЕООД си запазва правото да променя настоящите условия.

ЧАСТ ВТОРА – Общи условия, свързани с изработка на продукти по проект на потребителите

  1. Изпълнител по договора за изработка е фирма „Аливита“ ЕООД , ЕИК: BG204190570, седалище и адрес на управление София, ж.к. Младост 1, бл. 72, ап. 119.
  2. Клиент е всяко лице, регистрирало се в on-line магазин “jk-crafts.com„, управляван от Изпълнителя, направил валидна поръчка, чрез попълване на заявка и изпращане за изработка.
  3. On-line магазин е интернет сайтът с домейн “jk-crafts.com„, собственост на Изпълнителя.
  4. Предметът на договора е напечатването и/или изработката на текстилен или pvc продукт от каталога на “jk-crafts.com„.
    1. Артикулите, са изчерпателно изброени по размер, разцветка и вид в съответния раздел на On-line магазина “jk-crafts.com, и се предоставят от Изпълнителя, като стойността им се включва в общата стойност на договора.
    2. The virtual store has a catalog of items from which the client can choose or provide his Own ideas and the contractor to Produce an individual item, the contractor undertakes to perform Within 5 working days of the conclusion of this contract. The price of the finished product is calculated depending on the project. If there is a change in the price the contractor is obliged to notify the user within 24 hours from the receipt of the order. For all other products on the site, prices are listed on the product concerned and include VAT.
  5. The possible payment methods are:
    1. By cash on delivery of delivery courier service.
    2. By bank transfer, this method requires advance payment.
  6. The receipt of the finished product can be done through a courier company, only to the populated areas specified in the order form.
  7. The contractor shall not be liable for delay due to the fault of The courier company.
  8. The contract is considered to be concluded from the moment of sending an order to the contractor, giving rise to the legal consequences provided for in the Bulgarian legislation, as well as the following rights and obligations:

Rights and obligations of the contractor

  1. The contractor undertakes to carry out, for remuneration, the affixing of a stamp on a selected by the ordering item, a draft stamp under the terms and conditions of this contract.
  2. The contractor reserves the right to calculate the final price through an algorithm provided in the virtual store.
  3. The contractor reserves the right to refuse to execute orders related to prohibited by law symbols, as well as such giving rise to aggression and discrimination.
  4. The contractor reserves the right not to execute orders made by customers who have without reason refused payment of previous orders.

Rights and obligations of the guarantor

  1. The client is entitled to receive the manufactured item under the terms and conditions of this contract.
  2. The client undertakes to pay the price at which he has agreed upon sending the order.
  3. The guarantor undertakes to note the correct order details, such as name, address, telephone number and date of receipt, of the intended places in the shopping cart of the Internet shop.

Irregularities, return, compensation

  1. The contractor shall not be liable for the qualities of the finished product directly dependent on the project provided by the guarantor, namely:
    • Poor quality graphics due to a poor image provided by the client.
    • Unacceptable appearance of the product as a result of purely aesthetic discrepancies originating from the project provided by the guarantor.
    • As well as others, not listed in detail.
  2. The contractor undertakes to rectify the irregularities resulting from the non-qualitative workmanship in one of the following ways chosen by the guarantor:
  3. By making a new product on the same project at the contractor‘s expense.
  4. By making an item on a new project of the same value.
  5. By a discount when you select an item.
  6. By returning the amount paid under the contract.
  7. The rectification of irregularities by the contractor shall be made within 15 days after his confirmation that he acknowledges the irregularity to be his fault.
    • The assessment of the origin of the irregularity on the finished product is carried out on the basis of a photo sent with the alleged irregularity by the contractor‘s guarantor .
  8. The guarantor ‘s refusal to accept and pay the ordered product, made By the contractor for his project, shall be considered as non-compliance with this contract, in which case the contractor is entitled to compensation in a double Amount of the price of this contract.
  9. On the basis of art. 55 para. 2 of the Consumer Protection Act, the contractor reserves the right to refuse the return of the goods, outside the cases of irregularities due to the contractor‘s fault described in this contract.

PART THREE-Personal data and privacy policy

General Information

We at Alivita LTD. Look seriously at the privacy of our relations with you. Because we collect different data about visitors, we would like to understand the conditions under which we record, store and use your data. Our Privacy policy explains what information we collect, how we use and exchange it. This policy applies to the site www.jk-crafts.com.

The data we collect

When collecting personal data about users, our main goal is to provide you with the best and most useful information and services. For the operation of some of these services, you need to provide us with personal data. We are talking about names, e-mails, telephone, company, delivery address and previous orders.

The data collected

When you browse our site www.jk-crafts.com Without registering, you do so anonymously. In this case, we do not collect personal data about you, such as names, addresses, telephones, e-mails, etc. However, our software uses the so-called. (cookies) To collect information about how the website is used. A group principle collects and monitors data about the server your computer is connected to, your type of browser (for example, Firefox or Internet Explorer). This data is used for Internet search statistics and the normal operation of the site.

Sign up for online products and services

In order to provide you with certain products or services online, we may ask you to voluntarily provide us with some personal information, including your email address or telephone number for correspondence and contact, to receive notices when changing The status of your order, receiving messages if we have questions for you or a problem with any of your orders.

Use of data

It is not excluded that we use the data you provide to give you any service or to take account of customers ‘ interest in various services to inform you about our products and services, as well as remarketing. If you provide us with your email address or have already done so, or we receive it from another source, we may send you suggestions by email. These suggestions may be based on the data you provide on our first contact, the questionnaires, the data that testify to the consumer demand or the way of life, as well as the data available through external sources such as merchants and marketing Organizations. When we send you e-mail messages, we’ll establish details about it, for example, accept graphical HTML letters. If your mail is set to accept HTML letters, we may start sending you graphical HTML letters by email.

We must inform you that we will not provide your email address to your business partners.

We set the goal to send you only relevant and useful suggestions. They are drafted with the knowledge that we are obliged to protect the security and privacy of our customers ‘ personal data. At any moment you can opt-out from our electronic newsletters by sending us an e-mail to admin@jk-crafts.com.

Changes to the privacy statement on the website www.jk-crafts.com

Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted here so that you are fully informed about the protection of your data and the choices we offer regarding your use of your personal data for marketing purposes.

Delete profile

If you wish, your account and order history can be deleted. To take measures to delete it is necessary to contact us at home@jk-crafts.com or via our contact form.